Podcast 100: The Essence of Unhurried Living (Our Three Dynamics)

essence identity lead leadership podcast rest unhurried living Nov 11, 2019

Today is the 100th episode of The Unhurried Living Podcast! Over the course of our previous 99 episodes you’ve heard us utter the same six words every single time:. Rest deeper, live fuller, lead better. And in episodes 9597 and 99 we’ve addressed these core values specifically. Today we’re going to pull it all together as we give you a vision for a lifetime of transformation that is rooted, intentional and strategic. Welcome to the 100th episode of The Unhurried Living Podcast!

Learning healthy patterns of rest and work can transform your leadership— your daily influence. We live in a fast-paced culture. We often find ourselves in a hurry. Busy feels like our only option. But busyness is not always the same as productivity. Genuine productivity is doing the good work God actually prepares for you in a given day.

An unhurried life is not just about doing less and moving slowly. It is not about strolling through daisy fields or floating on clouds. Unhurried living is the most intentional way to live. Unhurried enough to pray. Unhurried enough to care. Unhurried enough to listen. Unhurried enough to create strategic priorities and to have the energy to act on them.

It’s time to get some perspective so that your leadership flows from a full soul. The practice of Unhurried Living can help you learn the healthy rhythms of rest and work. You want to make a lasting impact. Good work is more than checking off a never-ending list of to-dos. You need a way forward that is sustainable. You need a pattern of living that will work for a lifetime. It is possible to rest deeper, live fuller and lead better.

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