It's About Time

Jun 05, 2019

It’s a big week for the Unhurried Living community. We’re so glad you’re part of it. We write these weekly emails, produce our biweekly podcasts and, really, do everything else we do to help you enter into the unhurried way of life and work that Jesus invites us into.

One of the realities at the heart of this unhurried way is our very view of time itself. There are many cultural assumptions about time that we are bringing into the light and seeking to see against the...

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Podcast: What We Miss When We Hurry

May 28, 2018

Last week we began a conversation on An Unhurried Life. The book is now five years old. We continued with our discussion of signs of hurry in every day life, the dynamics that accelerate our inner life, and what good gets squeezed out when we are hurried inside.

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Those of you who listen to our podcast know that we are creating a worldwide conversation at the intersection of deeper spiritual life and...

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