Podcast 21: Practicing the Presence of God in Real Life

Oct 30, 2017

How can we step off the treadmill of busyness and make real progress toward true productivity? Where can we find space for our souls to breathe? We try filling our lives with achievements, possessions and recognition but can end up feeling emptier than ever. Where can we find real fullness? Many of us are hurried, and hurry is costing us more than we realize.

We’re here to help you become more present to God, to yourself and others, and to live from fullness rather than running on...

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Podcast 20: Guided Prayer - Psalm 16

Oct 16, 2017

Alan shares a guided prayer from Psalm 16. It’s a practice that has been key in his ongoing recovery from his addiction to hurry.

In this mini-sode, Alan shares a way of praying scripture that has become an important part of his spiritual rhythm. In a sense, it’s not just about “me praying scripture.” It’s also about God’s Spirit praying scripture into me.

It’s a way of not only thinking about and studying scripture, but also letting scripture soak...

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Podcast 19: BREATHE - A 6 Minute Retreat

Sep 25, 2017

BREATHE is a practice you can engage, for about 6 minutes, at any point in your day. It’s a helpful process of re-focusing and re-engaging. It is similar to another practice I introduced a while back, SLOW.

You can take a moment to breathe and to find some inner stillness in God’s presence. You can quiet your mind and heart for a moment and emerge refreshed and ready to move into your next task or conversation.

It’s very difficult to be truly productive when you feel...

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Podcast 18: Suanne Camfield (The Sound of a Million Dreams)

Sep 18, 2017

Today, I talk with Suanne Camfield, author of The Sound of Million Dreams: Awakening to Who You are Becoming. You'll enjoy our engaging conversation on the themes of:


This is the passage from Suanne's book that made me want to talk with her:

"...the stirring was a moment: an awareness of the holy in the midst of the every day that simultaneously brought clarity and chaos to my space in the world. A feeling: of perpetual pressing, pushing, and pulling...

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Podcast 17: Real Stories of Solitude and Silence

Sep 11, 2017

Today we are talking about Solitude and Silence or what we call Unhurried Time with God. But this is not just a “you should do it” talk. We are going to share stories from our own lives. From early on in our own experience and one from within the last month.

We share these with you so you can see how we started out. We were in our late 20s and were just beginning our process of solitude and silence.

Many of us unconsciously resist solitude because we don’t actually want to...

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Podcast 16: Casey Tygrett (Becoming Curious)

Sep 04, 2017

Curiosity is one of the most important qualities in a good leader. We’ve seen the fruit of that counsel in our life and work. Today we share a conversation that Alan enjoyed with Casey Tygrett about his new book, Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions.

As a spiritual director, I (Alan) have a bias for asking good questions. I love what Casey has written here, and it was a pleasure to interact with him about the journey that led to this book. We need to learn to...

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Podcast 15: Beth Booram (Spiritual Direction)

Aug 28, 2017

“As a holy listener …. I have to put myself out of the way, to become humble in the true sense of knowing my place in the order of God’s creation …. above, all, I must be reverent, for I am entrusted with something precious and tender.” (Margaret Guenther)

This is the essence of spiritual direction. Enjoy a conversation between Gem Fadling and Beth Booram, who is a seasoned spiritual director. Here are the questions discussed:

  • How do you meet with God? What...
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Podcast 14: The Critical Journey

Aug 21, 2017

We’ve said before that at the heart of all we do is people. Where are the people? What do they need? How can we help them take their next step? One model we’ve used over the course of our lives is The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich.

Listen in as we describe the six stages in a life of faith. It is so helpful to see where you are in your journey. It can help you feel validated and understood. It can also help you to see where others are in their journey and...

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Podcast 13: Pete Scazzero (Emotionally Healthy Relationships)

Aug 14, 2017

In today’s episode, we share a recent phone conversation I (Alan) had with Pete Scazzero. We focused especially on his most recent book, The Emotionally Healthy Leader. It came out when I was writing the first draft of my latest book, An Unhurried Leader. I purposely waited to start reading it because I had a sense that there would be many points of resonance. I wanted to give voice to what was on my heart before hearing what God had put on Pete’s heart.

I was right. I think...

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Podcast 12: Leading for Transformation

Aug 07, 2017

Most of us know how to teach for information, but how do you lead a team or group for transformation? On this week’s podcast we will share with you our approach and our methods, drawing on our 25 years of experience. We are talking about Leading for Transformation.

Here are a few bullet points from our conversation:

  • The importance of preparing who you are.
  • Spiritual leadership as hospitality. Holding space for others.
  • Making space for spiritual practices &...
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