Morning Coffee, Morning Communion

Jan 27, 2021

I start most mornings by making my favorite cup of coffee. It starts with some hand-roasted beans. I roast them by the half-pound on our BBQ propane burner using a Whirly-Pop popcorn maker. I grind the beans by hand with a manual grinder. I measure precise grams of ground coffee to precise grams of water. I preheat my mug because I enjoy my coffee as hot as I can get it. I use a one-serving French press because I’m the only regular coffee drinker in our family. I lightly heat the heavy...

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Podcast 159: Prayer in the Night (Alan with Tish Harrison Warren)

Jan 25, 2021

We continue to find ourselves in unsettling times, don’t we? I’m sure I don’t need to unpack that any further for you, right? Many of us have struggled with what prayer looks like in this season when things are happening we never asked for. How do we pray when life feels more like a threatening night than a bright and dawning day?

It was good to have a chance to speak recently with Tish Harrison Warren about her new book, releasing tomorrow in fact, called ...

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Myths About Living An Unhurried Life

Jan 06, 2021

Here we are in the new year. And, don’t worry, no one is going to encourage you to make resolutions. They rarely last more than a couple of weeks anyway.


All I want to do today is remind you why it’s good to engage unhurried living. And I’m not talking about our organization. I’m talking about your very own life.


Let’s begin with some common myths about living an unhurried life.


  • It’s pain free.
  • It’s a luxury.
  • It’s lazy.
  • ...
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