Podcast: 9 Practical Challenges to Living Less Hurried

Jan 08, 2018

Last year we polled our community and asked them a key question: “What is the biggest challenge you face right now in living a more unhurried life?” Living less hurried can be a challenge. We got some great responses.

We arranged the responses into five categories which will be the theme of some of our upcoming episodes. Those themes are:

  • Practical Challenges to Living Less Hurried
  • Dealing with Workplace Stress
  • Inner Distractions & Soul Busyness
  • Keeping First Things First
  • ...
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Podcast: The Welcoming Prayer

Dec 28, 2017

The Welcoming Prayer is a process that you can use on the go. It is useful for times when something comes up that makes you feel sad, hurt, or stressed. Sometimes, in the middle of a busy day, we don’t have time to address all of the emotions that come up. But we may notice here and there that an emotion is quite loud. We need a way to deal with it and continue on in our tasks or work.

In just a few minutes, you can let the emotion come up and at the same time become aware of...

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Podcast: Reducing Anxiety

Dec 11, 2017

Great news - I have found a way to reduce much of the stress in my life. Actually, let me re-phrase that: A way to reduce much of the stress in my life found me. I wasn’t looking for this stress reducer, but it hit me like an 18-wheeler and set me on a new path.

Much of the stress in my life is caused by my expectations, as well as my trying to control situations so they turn out the way I think they should. This happens consciously and unconsciously. Lovely.

I want to address just one...

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